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Coconut Almond Toffee

How to store your truffles and toffee:

Room Temperature
•Lasts up to 8 days
•Room temperature 60 – 70F
•Odor-free place
•No direct heat or sunlight
•Humidity no higher than 50%
•Lasts up to 8 weeks
•Store in air-tight container
•Odor-free place
•When removing from refrigerator, leave in container until it is brought to room temperature to avoid build up of condensation.
Coconut Squares, Turtle Squares, Buddies and Bark Bites:
•Store at room temperature for up to 8 days OR in the refrigerator until consumption; lasts up to 8 weeks.
•Before consumption, please bring to room temperature 45-60 minutes.
•Store in odor-free place
•Humidity no higher than 50%
•No direct heat or sunlight
•Not recommended for quality

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