We have completely sold out of our entire 2016 Fall Line of Truffles.  We are only accepting bulk orders at this time; minimum order amounts are as follows:

Small Assorted = 40, Medium Assorted = 20, Large Assorted = 10, Extra Large Assorted = 5.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Please call or email us if you have any questions, and Thank You.

Our truffles are packaged in small (9 pieces), medium (18 pieces), large (36 pieces) and extra large (72 pieces – Please note:  this box is too large to be shipped and is only available on special request and for local delivery).  All our chocolates are available in a milk or dark chocolate shell. Your box can contain all milk, all dark, or assorted depending on your preference.  Our 2016 Fall assortment currently consists of the following truffles:

Making its debut this Fall, this sophisticated delight will tantalize your taste buds with beautifully roasted almonds on the front of your palette and finish with a luxurious almond paste!

This truffle is for the banana-lover looking for a more complex banana infusion with a crunch that will make you not want to share. We currently pair this with Reyes Winery’s White Delight.

Enjoy the bakery without all the calories.  This truffle fills your mouth with that rich buttery cinnamon sweet goodness you know and love.

After having been out of the line for more than 2 years, we are delighted to bring back this holiday favorite.  A glorious coconut buttercream surrounded by your choice of milk or dark chocolate; perfect for a coconut lover.

Making its debut 2 years ago,  and after receiving a new inventory of fresh vanilla beans from the South Pacific, we are excited to bring back this lovely truffle that will bring holiday cheer to your palette.  We currently pair this truffle with Reyes Winery’s White Delight.

A coffee lover’s dream. Bold espresso combined with silky, smooth chocolate.

Peppermint cream with the addition of delightful bits of peppermint crunchies.

For the serious chocoholic looking for a fix. Creamy, smooth, rich, Belgian milk/dark chocolate wrapped in a hand-molded milk/dark chocolate shell.

It is like eating a little piece of the best pumpkin pie you’ve ever had and being left with a rich Belgian chocolate finish on your tongue.