PLEASE NOTE: These truffles were available from February thru mid-October in 2014.  Special orders can be placed for flavors not currently available, but they must be purchased in bulk.  Minimum orders differ according to flavor; these are displayed in parenthesis.  Please contact us for further information.

Our truffles are packaged in small (9 pieces), medium (18 pieces) and large (36 pieces). All our chocolates are available in a milk or dark chocolate shell. Your box can contain all milk, all dark, or assorted depending on your preference. We are always introducing new truffles on a seasonal basis. Our 2014 Spring assortment currently consisted of the following truffles:

Did someone say, “chocolate-dipped banana?”  This scrumptious truffle combines bananas, lightly salted fresh-roasted almonds and chocolate into one nice package that will take you back to the days of being at the county fair.

CARAMEL (Currently Available)
This truffle is filled with a mouthwatering burst of pure liquid caramel. We recommend eating this in one bite!  We currently pair this truffle with Alma Sol Winery’s 2010 Cabernet & Reyes Winery’s 2010 Cabernet and 2011 Agua Dulce Delight (Red Port).

ESPRESSO (Currently Available)
A coffee lover’s dream. Bold espresso combined with silky, smooth chocolate.  We currently pair this truffle with Alma Sol Winery’s 2010 Cabernet Reserve & Sunland Vintage Winery’s Delicate Princess & Reyes Winery’s 2011 Merlot.

This beautifully balanced mouth-watering treat combines a wonderfully light South Pacific honey which we infused with lavender.  We currently pair this truffles with Reyes Winery’s 2010 Chardonnay, 2012 Chardonnay, and White Delight (White Port).

This is a true lemon experience.  Made with locally harvested fresh lemons, enjoy the sweet and tart aspects of this wonderful fruit sealed in a milk or dark chocolate shell.  We currently pair this truffles with Reyes Winery’s 2011 Muscat.

Combine the sweetness of orange with the dark rich flavor profile of Guinness beer, without the alcohol, and you’ve got a taste sensation that will leave you wanting more.

CINNAMON BUN (Currently Available)
Enjoy the bakery without all the calories.  This truffle fills your mouth with that rich buttery cinnamon sweet goodness you know and love.

For the serious chocoholic looking for a fix. Creamy, smooth, rich, Belgian milk/dark chocolate wrapped in a hand-molded milk/dark chocolate shell.

This intensely flavored truffle is so packed with raspberries that the chocolate ganache has a reddish hue.  Combine this with your favorite port for an even greater experience.  This truffle also pairs nicely with Sunland Vintage Winery’s Barbera and Alma Sol Winery’s Red Port & Reyes Winery’s 2010 Syrah.